“There are other people who can do it too. We chose you”

“What is the single statement or phrase that made a major positive and profound impact on your life?”, asked a friend Paa Kofi Tinagyei on Facebook. My response was, “There are other people who can do it too. We chose you”.

It was first job as Television show host and presenter. I look back now and what a golden statement! Much later on the job I asked my employer, “why me?”, and I was told,

“you showed the will to learn and were honest enough to say it”

Many times we are afraid to tell the truth thinking it will deny us opportunities. Always think about how much more honesty and humility can get you. 
I was a 20yr old 2nd yr university student. These words changed my life. I worked twice as hard. 

Employers look for varying qualities – sometimes it’s hard skills and sometimes the soft skills, especially when recruiting young people. Then they can equip them with hard skills.

I look back now and say those words were some kind of blank golden Cheque. It was up to me to figure how far this opportunity would take me. Many years later, today, here I am – equipped with both hard & soft skills, still learning some more & just always open to fresh knowledge.

And through my transition from one employer to another, I’ve picked up more skills along the way, and used these skills (both hard and soft skills) that have made me a much better professional. I’m able to do more and give a hand to those who need guidance at whatever level.

It’s important to know that a soft skill can be a small interpersonal skill such as your attitude, honesty or humility and it can also be as big as your emotional intelligence quotient. 

Whatever it is, carry your #softskills with you alongside your #hardskills EVERYWHERE YOU GO.

How about you, care to share lessons from yours? Share away

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