#BiiraOnline: Being compassionate

Being compassionate simply means feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others. #Compassion should however begin with us, our very own selves before giving this feeling to others. There is nothing as sad as being #compassionate towards

42862299_1975870409136039_8605309608552038400_nothers when while you’re by yourself, all you feel for yourself is hate. That’s why the Bible says love your Neighbour as you love yourself. The key word is yourself – how we treat ourselves tells how we treat those around us. Love yourself and then love others the same way we would want to be loved. Only then can we know the true feeling of compassion without limits. And, don’t seek public approval as a reward for how compassionate they think you are. It should come from your inner satisfaction in doing the things you think will change the lives of others just as the love you have for yourself has changed yours.
Happy #October #biiraonline


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